Global Rethink

Time for Action is Now!

Global Rethink is a community of like-minded people focused on creating changes in local communities by creating action-based initiatives, standing together, and working together. 


Our members are against the following: 


  • Digital ID (Government Tracking ID)
  • 15min Cities
  • Healthcare Passports
  • Forced vaccinations. 

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As a member, you create a profile, join your local group chapters, engage in discussions, get involved in local initiatives, get notifications on important developments, and take action.  We have over 10 million+ members/followers and those numbers are growing fast.


Some of our local Initiatives: 

Partnership with: Sovereign Baank

Your Donation Matters, here's how

Donations fund local initiatives; like private schools, private hospitals, community housing, local farmers, and local policing. Whether it's a one-time donation or a recurring monthly donation, we need to stand together and work together.  We will be going approaching investors and philanthropists that support our initiatives. Imagine if all of our tax dollars didn't go towards criminal activity and authoritarian systems. Now imagine you have the power to change that. Donate now and encourage your close friends to do the same, our future depends on it.    

Are you ready to get started?

We all have a role to play in standing and working together.  We are going to be tested, but giving up is never an option.  There is a solution to every challenge. Are you ready to do your part and become a pioneer in shaping our future?

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