We’ve always stated that being transparent about where the money is going, and where it’s coming from is paramount in the trust of any organization. See below an outline of the number of donations and expenses for Global Rethink, and also how the brand has been structured.

Currently, Global Rethink is part of, Ray Brown Digital Inc. (RBD), which is a Canadian Federal Corporation. Currently, under RBD, there are the following brands: RayBrownDigital.com, RayBrown.net, Ray Brown Online Courses, and Coaching. Our plan was to create a separate “non-profit” entity for Global Rethink, once it has generated over $30k in donations.

Financial Period: Aug 2022 to Dec 2022 for Global Rethink.

Total Donations Received: $5500

  1. Private Canadian citizens: $200
  2. Ray’s Investment: $5,300

Total Expenses:

  1. Website Hosting (CDN, Caching) fees, from August to Dec: $3,600 (Dreamhost, Cloudways)
  2. Software licenses: $600 (BuddyBoss, LearnDash)
  3. Search Engine Optimization: $600 (Google, Bing)
  4. Website Security & Maintenance: $500

note: We will be transparent to a certain point; as disclosing too many details puts Global Rethink at risk. Month-to-month costs vary depending on website activity. The more users that register and use the website, the higher the costs. Currently, if there are no donations, Ray Brown is carrying the month-to-month operating costs.