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The Victoria Declaration – Ted and Chris

The Victoria Declaration presents a foundation for the restoration of humanity.
Its authors declare that humanity is at a critical juncture because collectively we have failed to grasp the significance of the events unfolding around us and to respond appropriately.

To read the entire declaration: https://www.globalrethink.net/docs/the-victoria-declaration/

Constituency Parliaments:  Can They Bring True Democracy to Canada? – Jim Smith #

In the modern world, there is absolutely no reason that policy decisions should remain in the hands of a tiny few individuals that are put into place by a system that is increasingly failing us and catering to who wish to retain total control.  It may have made sense 100 plus years ago when the flow of, and the understanding of information was limited to a few, and that few was also a minority of the educated, but that is no longer the case.

It is time for direct democracy to replace this archaic and completely corrupted system.  Though it has been some time since I read his material, I can speak to Vaughan Lyon’s concept of how to bring policy democracy directly to the people. Whatever course of action is ultimately adopted it is going to require it being demanded by the people.  

Canadian Government(s) have been mispresenting (perhaps fraudulently) the true nature of our governance since the start of “Confederation”.   Perhaps the most egregious being the advancement of the phrase “free and democratic” to describe Canada.  The term democracy had been shunned historically by Parliamentarians who preferred to protect their elitist status.  The term did not become commonly used until a noble cause was needed to inspire young men to march into service during the First World War.  In recent years and in particular, during the past two, the fallacy of our democracy has been laid bare for anyone to see if they are willing to cast aside their paradigms.

There are many historical inconsistencies that call into question, not only the existence of democracy in Canada but also the very existence of our confederation.  Past members of Parliament attempting to raise the issues were often stonewalled and ridiculed by those in power at the time—seems like nothing has changed.  The Spicer Commission inquiry that took place nearly forty years ago under the watch of the Mulroney government reported that overall, Canadians had lost faith in our governance and wanted the ability to actively take part in the policy-making of our country.  The report was largely ignored by the “partyocracy”.

The previously mentioned historical inconsistencies may provide the opening in which to drive necessary changes from the bottom up.   The author will be advocating for the concept of constituency parliaments.

Suggested Reading:

“PowerShift: From Party Elites to Informed Citizenship”, A book by Vaughan Lyon can found on-line though perhaps too much to read given the current time constraints.

https://cpsa-acsp.ca/papers-2013/Lyon.pdf   This is a link to a Vaughn Lyon paper that was presented in Victoria BC in 2013.

What Canadians Told the Spicer Commission (cpcml.ca)

[PROJECT]: OVERRIDE – Parallel System Proposal – Mark Smith #

With the goal of protection from government overreach [PROJECT]: OVERRIDE proposes a new system architecture that establishes a parallel-running society.  

British Columbia’s Islands Trust and ALR (Agricultural Land Reserve) Regulations restrict our self-sustainment in the areas of land use and housing. The rigid government oversight has limited affordable housing and pushed people to risk breaking the law to make full use of resources on their private land.  

Freedom groups over the past three decades have used several methods to free themselves from CROWN contracts – what is missing is a container to integrate newfound sovereignty into an overarching collective governing system. By extracting titles to our property and body from the CROWN system into a new parallel system that respects our fundamental rights and freedoms; we can harness new value, free from the debt slavery system, in a new self-governing system. 

We focus on implementing technology to secure sovereignty related to food, housing, voting, and personal identification. Without going into the fine details; we will give an overview of the QUORUM voting mechanism, Self-Sovereign ID, resource-backed tokens and a decentralized registry for extracted property.  By taking title to our land off the public government ledgers and tax property roles we override nonsensical regulations and free ourselves from excessive taxation by operating outside of the CROWN jurisdiction in a free trade zone. 

If you are skeptical of the methods used to stop government enforcement in its tracks – we ask you to explore changing the way you think about government, your role in it and your right to self-determination. 

Getting the Moneylenders Out of the Temple. – Alan Cassels #

I think any revitalizing of our democracy has to include deep discussions of how it has gone so badly for many people, particularly in the rise of unprecedented health authoritarianism.  There are many issues but the main one for me is the corruption of public decision-making by the pharmaceutical industry, a process I have watched for nearly 30 years. It continues to astonish me that very well-meaning people still allow conflicted decision-makers at all levels to set health policy agendas which are almost always in line with corporate interests. We as a society have become so used to the corruption, our noses can no longer detect the rot.  The taint of corruption needs to be rooted out and exposed at all levels.  My motto might be:  We have to get the moneylenders out of the temple. Removing drug money from physician education,  medical guidelines and health decision-making bodies is the place to start. As a society, we need to start rebuilding our trust in medicine and it can’t happen without removing the profit motive from prescribing.

Creating Decolonized Autonomous Zones – Joshua Lemmens #

I am indigenous and have a perspective that falls in line with creating decolonized autonomous zones. My presentation is on how to create a well-organized resistance that has not been done. I have many experiences and knowledge with governance and negotiations with Indigenous First Nations and a foundational understanding of UNDRIP.

How to create Sovereign Autonomous Zones and what it takes.

  1. Understanding Colonial Core Thinking, and how the system presently in place will not honour any political or legal challenges. Using indigenous examples that show the public of what the indigenous suffered is now being used on the colonized. If colonial thinking is not challenged, globalism will win. Also, point to of how Democracy does not work to gain power over tyranny.
  • A system to organize all of the awakened citizens and their communities with a simple strategy that works. Using some of the fundamental precepts from the booklet by Gene Sharp, Dictatorship to (Democracy) Sovereignty. How through natural law, we can survive. Discuss a breakdown of achievable groups that include: Intelligence, communications, propaganda and finance/procurement.
  • What do autonomous Sovereign zones look like, and how to implement them? 

Project Override – Tad #

The biggest couple of downfalls I’ve observed is the holding onto old ideas or the belief in any one group/government, initiatives, or individual as having authority over us, in any way. ie: giving our power away (as we’ve been programmed to do). That and a complete failure to understand our real legal structure and what we have been unknowingly involved in Canada and how it actually applies to us. 

There is, are and shall be better ways for us all to interact, beyond even the concept of government, but likely beginning with a genuine grassroots movement that is able to plug into their system and give us a platform to protect ourselves, travel freely and implement true sovereignty of the individual and collective. 

Using blockchain as a way to ensure transparency in all aspects of governance from money trails to voting.

Northeast Syria – Chris Shaw #

The population of the autonomous region of Northeast Syria (Rojava) is composed of different peoples of different religions, customs and histories. Yet in this region, Kurds, Yezidis, and Arabs have created a new political system based on three pillars: total equality of all members of society, bottom-up democracy, and true ecological sustainability. Governance begins literally at the family dinner table, to the neighbourhood, to the district, finally to the village or canton and eventually to the entire confederation of villages/cantons. They do this through a process called “democratic confederalism” in which confederation is always completely consensual. 

Could something like this work for governance in our own country? What would be the obstacles? How practically could it be realized? These are all valid questions. Nevertheless, we know the basic idea can be done, in fact, the objection that it cannot be done is moot given what has already happened in Rojava.

People of the Salmon – Popois #

Documents attached.

Truth Directed Action – Philip Ney #

There is a new and different way.  Truth-directed action starts with having a clear conscience. There are many reasons to be distrustful and bitter. Don’t let your bitterness result in depression. The world’s political and economic situation is dominated by the exponential decline in fertility. We can be politically truthful by being pragmatic and thus avoid endless arguments about science and conscience. The best way to measure public opinion is with a scientifically superior visual analogue scale. I will show you how.

In 1974 at the UN Conference on Population in Cairo, I won an NGO debate by showing population implosion was just around the corner and with it would come real problems for free enterprise. Well, it has come true and it isn’t easy to resolve. I can show how to get accurate public opinion while garnering votes.

A secular viewpoint – Garret Seinen  #

I have a secular viewpoint that is a combination of Ayn Rand’s thinking and some personal elaborations that I believe clarify and add to the logical train of thought. Personally, I think clarity is the only way to form an all-encompassing framework of human rights that serves to empower individual human beings in selecting and electing the correct mix of representatives for a viable and human liberty-minded government.

Recommended Reading

How the Pandemic Response Changed My Thinking

“This is going to take a change more far-reaching than a shift in which party controls the legislature. It is going to take foundational change, the establishment of walls of separation, paths of accountability, juridical limits, and, ideally, abolition of whole departments. That’s a tough agenda, and it simply cannot happen without public support which in turn depends on the cultural conviction that we simply cannot and will not live this way. 

This experience should teach us that the onset of tyranny is not just about top-down rule. It’s about a whole-of-society takeover by a manufactured mania. 

What we really need is a system that is safe for freedom and human rights that protects those ideals even when the madness of crowds – or the arrogance of intellectuals or the lust for power of the bureaucrats – wants to scrap them. And that means revisiting the very foundations of what kind of world in which we want to live. What we once believed was a settled matter has been completely upended. Figuring out how to recover and restore is the great challenge of our times.” 

The Rise of The New Normal Reich – C. J. Hopkins

“The root of the problem is not psychological. It is structural, political . . . The question is not what is wrong with the people; the question is what happened to the structure of society … how, and why did it go totalitarian?”  p.13

garret seinen wrote:

 “Throughout history, seldom do we find any form of human rights being common. Even today, across the world human rights are a mishmash of contradictory and thinly enforced promises by political leaders quick to grant exemption to themselves and their cronies but constantly violated on their citizens. And the subject of what constitutes a right is ill-defined or highly obfuscated, partly due to three main ideas about the origin of rights vie for acceptability. Claims that rights originate from God, from nature, or from government all have strong supporters. These factions are continually disagreeing with each other leaving the citizens without any appropriate definition of human rights.

With the above in mind, a fourth definition of human rights does in fact consider the individual human being as the source of rights. That comes to us through the writings of novelist/philosopher Ayn Rand. To quote her, “Individual rights are the means to subordinate society to moral law.” Individual rights means that your life is yours, the family, tribe, or society is not your owner. You are a sovereign entity. Without the acknowledgement of individual rights, any group or group leader may use majority rule to enslave an individual.

Ayn Rand goes on to say, “There is only one fundamental right, a man’s right to his own life.” And to paraphrase further, Your right to life is violated the instant you are prevented from taking peaceful action to support your life. And that is precisely the state of affairs today in Canada.”

Reading list:

Ayn Rand, Essays, Man’s Rights And The Nature of Government.

John Locke: Two Treatises of Government.

The American Declaration of Independence.

“A beggar has no rights and we have been reduced to begging for the right to sustain our lives. Canadians largely have not been angered by that because of the muddled thinking surrounding the concept of individual rights.”

Valerie Hawkins wrote:

1. We need to start over from ground level, as after 50 years in the political arena to various degrees, I really believe it is too corrupt to be resurrected. What Sonia Johnson wrote in 1987 in her book “Going Out of Our Minds… The Metaphysics of Liberation” rings true to me now more than they ever did in the last 30 years. 

2. I see the only possible way of accomplishing this is to start at the smallest local levels….as PTA in schools, school boards, and regional representatives…..

I am hopeful that intelligent, caring and science-based (logical) people will join in this effort. I am happy to support in ways that I can but trust my involvement won’t be needed.