How Can I Trust This Company With My Donation?

The people running this organization are very transparent and cannot be bought by corruption. The Founder, Ray Brown walked away from billions in 2014 when he took his company HDIMAX Media public. Ray was pressured to create content that was toxic to the consciousness. He walked away from that opportunity. All the video streaming content you’re seeing now, which is dumbing down humanity was what Ray was going to be part of, and if he wanted money, he had it, and all he had to do was follow orders.

…the sole purpose of the Government is to take Public money and put into Private hands…

Julian Assange

Going off Julian’s quote above; one of our purposes is to put public money into public initiatives that are transparent in their spending and accountable for their actions.

People have been putting trust in corrupt Government systems for years, so if you can trust criminals. Pfizer has been convicted of “Crimes Against Humanity: And was fined $2.3 Billion.”

Why not trust Global Rethink that’s by the people and for the people, as clique as that sounds?

The system we are building to collect donations and manage those funds is going to be transparent. Transparency is paramount in public trust.