If Your Initiatives Replace Corrupt Systems, What Happens To The People Working In Those Old Systems, Will They Lose Their Jobs?

This is a great question, that gets asked often. Most jobs should’ve never been created, as the very aspect of doing a mundane job; such as being a “Tax Collector,” or working at a “Call Center” for a cell phone company. Taxes are illegal by definition of Natural Law and Common Law. When a person is spending forty hours a week doing a job to create financial freedom… the purpose of their life is based on finance, not “authentic purpose.” What would a person actually do, if they didn’t have to work at a job just to pay bills, and that job didn’t resonate with them?

Our initiatives have a plan if an old system is replaced, and people lose their old jobs, we will offer them an opportunity to become a member and join our local and global community. We will not be focusing on putting those people back to work in areas that do not resonate with them. Those people will be around like-minded people and they will be given the freedom to explore their gifts and curiosity. But no one gets a free ride. Everyone contributes.

Creating a local or global workforce of slaves is not our vision or mission here at Global Rethink. We are focused on rethinking, and rebuilding a new concept of living, and redefining the word, “Purpose.”