Is Ray Brown Controlled Opposition?

NO, HE IS NOT. Let’s take a quick look at what the word, “Controlled Opposition” means.

  1. Controlled opposition is a protest movement that is actually led by government agents. Nearly all governments in history have employed this technique to trick and subdue their adversaries.

The reason people are jumping to this conclusion is due to the fact that in 2014, Ray Brown took his media company HDIMAX Media public and met with all the top investment firms in New York. (More details on that are here). So they assume he is in bed with them. Those assuming this forget that Ray gave away all his shares (over 700 million+) when he walked away from being a CEO/Chairman of the public company. Which at that time were set to trade at ($3 to $4), which would’ve made his net worth at over $2 billion. When he resigned, he was left with 3 million shares and the price of the stock is now (Jan, 2023) at around 0.0003. So his 3 million shares are worth: $900.

After Ray resigned, all these investment companies and Google, Facebook, and their partners came after Ray legally, because privately his companies started making over 7 figures monthly in 2015 after he resigned. So, therefore that was a concern to them and they created allegations to drag him into their court systems. Where high-priced lawyers and judges (on the take) were waiting to keep Ray on “hold” (unethically) from working in that industry. Even Ray’s own lawyer was on their payroll.

They won, Ray lost everything, started driving Uber and focusing on podcasts, and writing his audiobooks, and was just slowly waiting for the right time to rise up again. All that experience and journey taught Ray how to handle their energies and how they work and how they use and abuse their systems to take advantage of people.

When you look at Ray’s track record, there isn’t a single person in Canada, or Globally that’s been through and achieved what he has. His knowledge of business, government systems, law, and current awareness of human consciousness makes him a threat to their agendas.

There is not a single bank transaction of any money coming from the Government (unless it’s a tax refund/credit or CERB related), that will show that Ray is on the Government payroll. He has no offshore accounts anywhere. So when people jump to the conclusion that Ray is controlled opposition, they’re forgetting the fact, he walked away from billions and got put through enormous stress, with hopes he would crack or commit suicide. Ray is not afraid of death but he’s not ready to die just yet.