There Are So Many Groups Out There, What Makes this Different?

Yes, there are many groups in Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, and around the globe. Some of those came about from great intentions and served a great purpose because the time was right. But we haven’t seen the majority of the groups actually have an action plan.

Getting people to sign declaration forms, or consent forms and then sending all those forms to the entity you’re protesting against because they violated your rights, is not a plan. No entity violates you unless you gave them consent. People were using those entities’ services and agreed to abide by their set of laws and rules. Suing these entities within their corrupt court systems is not a plan. People always had a choice, but since no choice was actually “visually” available for them to see; this is the reason why we created ‘Global Rethink.’ People got tired of the non-stop talking with no action plan, and the only thing that was being done was… “Let’s go protest and stand outside the corrupt entities’ doors until they listen.” Those actions don’t do anything. People are more than capable of creating new systems to sustain themselves locally, nationally, and globally. But they need to be shown how. A group of a few hundred people got their venom into our consciousness and we gave them our minds and bodies, but not our souls.

We have a plan based on creating initiatives that replace any systems violating human rights, and privacy that cause bodily harm and death.

We are working with groups across the globe that also have a vested interest in living, building, and restoring our planet, our lives, and our health. It just requires one person to do the unthinkable and boldly do what’s never been done before.