What is Global Rethink?

Global Rethink is an online member-based network of like-minded individuals that are focused on building better and stronger communities without Government overreach. Some of our initiatives are focused on Health Care, Farming, Education, Human Rights, Housing, and many more. Each initiative is created around three tiers. At the top are the experts, and think tanks rethinking, and rebuilding strategies on how to execute the action plans. Under that is the second tier, where members and volunteers that are active in the initiative locally get involved. The third tier is connecting those initiatives to other communities. None of this works without effort, hard on hands work, and donations.

The process is designed around total transparency and accountability. At every stage, there will be transparency, such as how much funding is raised and where are those funds going. What are the plans being discussed and the logistics around that? What kind of infrastructure is required to make the initiative possible? That’s been missing for a long time, and people deserve better. So that is what Global Rethink is all about and doing.

Read through the Declarations in the Help section about The Victoria Declaration and about our history to understand how for example, Canada is not even a Constitution.