Why Global Rethink?

Humanity is at a precipice of monumental change.  The name says it all; Global Rethink.  Every system needs to be relooked at, restored, and rebuilt if needed, but what’s absolute is that we need to create a parallel set of systems to give humanity better choices. It’s overdue and needed.  It’s time.

Why now? Sometimes you just know deep inside your soul that the timing is right to take all of your life’s lessons, good and bad, and inject that experience and wisdom into something greater than yourself.

Ray’s vision is to transform every fiber of the corrupt system and instill an authentic, collective, balanced system.  In this vision, there will be no governments.  No one will starve. Everyone gets healthcare.  Everyone gets a roof over their head.  What’s being redefined is “Purpose.”

As people learn more about the plan, see the support it provides, and start to engage in the great works that tug at their hearts and soul of humanity, purpose gets amplified.

Imagine humanity removing all ego, and all pride, and collectively working together, using our shared knowledge to improve our local communities, that are connected to national/global infrastructures… we get to transcend our energies… can you imagine that world?  Join today and get started if you haven’t already. It’s time to rethink everything.

note: The name Rethink Restore was changed to Global Rethink in September 2022.  #