Your Ideas Seem Way Out There, Too Futuristic, Too Close to WEF and The Great Reset.

Our ideas are bold and fueled with the passion from our ancestors. Who did not work hard to see us get dumbed down, live in fear, and lose our path to enlightenment?

Even the idea of a car when first visualized was futuristic. When a fridge was invented, it was futuristic. When the airplane was invented, it was futuristic. Without vision, there is no future. Unless you’re a fan of the meta-verse, then, your future in a video game.

We are the complete opposite of WEF and The Great Reset. Not many people know that The Great Rest concept was a think tank study. Most think tank studies are conducted outlining the risks and benefits of changes coming into the future of our world. These changes are focused on climate, food, economic, and individual trends. Governments for the past century and beyond have been taking advantage of these studies and reshaping our future without much discussion about it with the public. They feel they have created a system where they’re the masters of our world and consciousness. These studies actually laid out how a “Universal Income Plan, or Digital ID” for humanity can help transcend and transform a new individual consciousness of awareness and collective power, where the chains of being a slave to the system will be broken. And that transformation within humanity will reshape the restructure the power that Governments and their systems have over people.

From these studies, other strategies are written to counter such rising of individual empowerment, so that the Elites can continue to keep control and create systems that create a kill switch to eliminate any threats. Wars, bioweapons, and mainstream media are all part of their arson to psychologically and biologically impact us so that we no longer have the freedom to make our own choices.

They may have succeeded for a brief moment in time. But their rule over this planet is coming to an end. This organization dies if the people don’t care to rethink, rebuild and restore our local communities. There is no need to protest, be violent, or comply. Simply say “NO” to all of that, and become a member of Global Rethink and donate your money, time, and wisdom to help get our children, planet, and lives back to their authentic source of power.