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    Posted by Ray  on February 22, 2023 at 9:37 pm

    This Discussion Forum is focused on the people living in this location. Please subscribe to this discussion thread to get notifications on updates and the next steps.

    We encourage you to invite your friends, watch this video to learn how: https://globalrethink.net/docs/how-to-invite-your-friends-to-join/

    If you want to become an organizer in your local chapter, please send Ray Brown a message with your experience and a brief paragraph outlining why you would be great for the task.

    Once this group has hundreds of members, here are the next steps:

    1. Select a “Jury” from your members (3 to 5 members) that will be tasked to give final approval over local initiatives, such as healthcare, education, mental health, local farming, local security/policing, local businesses, housing, and wellness.
    2. No legislation or law will be passed without the approval of the local people, and the jury.

    Our intention is to create a community that is founded on the principles of truth, human rights, and common, natural, and sovereign laws. The local people once they accept these laws become members/citizens and their rights supersede any other entity of governance.

    How To Invite Your Friends to Join!

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