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    Climate Change

    This climate change Initiative is focused on stopping the Geoengineering and Weather Modifications by Governments on our planet. Their projects are harmful to people’s health…
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    Education is the building block of our mind's consciousness. It's time to rethink what we are learning, how we are learning and its purpose and intention. This initiative is focused on giving people a choice to learn without deeply layered agendas framing their thoughts.

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    Health Care

    Health is an important part of people's lives. Proper care, nutrition, nursing, mental health, surgical centers, short-term, long-term care, and urgent care clinics... are all important aspects that need to be restructured because the current systems are broken and not providing the care needed.
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    Local Chapters

    Connect with your local members here and stay up to date on what's happening.  You can also connect with other local chapters and help out where they need help and communicate with other members through their select groups.

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    Can you trust the Police and Defence systems that are in control by corrupt Governments? No, you can't, because people's human rights and liberty are always going to get violated. The abuse of constant spying on your every movement, thoughts and action has become normal... but it's not normal and extremely dangerous to your mental health and the future of humanity.

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    The Human (H) Project

    The "H" Citizenship initiative focuses on how to become a universal sovereign citizen on this planet.

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    The Plan

    The Plan outlines how we can rebuild, rethink, restore our societies, healthcare, education, food & land, economy and our purpose.