Can you trust the Police and Defence systems that are in control by corrupt Governments? No, you can't, because people's human rights and liberty are always going to get violated. The abuse of constant spying on your every movement, thoughts and action has become normal... but it's not normal and extremely dangerous to your mental health and the future of humanity.

Ray · September 11, 2022

Can you trust the Police systems that are in your Governments? Have human rights and liberty been protected in recent years? Or have they been violated? Governments spying on their citizens, and hacking their consciousness has become normal… but it’s not normal and extremely dangerous to the mental health and the future of humanity.

We are creating an alternative system of protection that protects human rights and liberty. The current police and defence systems have failed to protect citizens from authoritarian leaders.

This initiative is focused on raising money to hire Police Officers that were put on leave because they didn’t follow orders blindly and questioned authoritarian leaders. There are thousands of officers that are willing to protect their countries from tyranny.

We will be focusing on building systems that protect humanity’s privacy locally and nationally. The corrupt systems that were created took centuries, and we are not saying we are going to succeed or create new systems overnight… but we do believe a better system is needed. It’s easy to stay comfortable and get scared by the big force of the military and its power. Many of our ancestors have lived multiple lifetimes within these corrupt systems, so if we are born to die, why not take a chance at something that might just spark a flame?

We are asking the public to stop funding corrupt Governments… there is another way.

If we had protection, no pastors would have been dragged out of their churches. No citizens would have been arrested for exercising their human rights and refusing to wear masks or follow mandates/lockdowns. No businesses would have been fined or shut down. The abuse of power went unchecked, and their intention was to create fear, and most people had no choice but to comply. If there was protection in place, people would have united together stronger… and criminals responsible for the killings of millions of people would’ve been brought to justice. We saw the abuse of Government overreach and police force at the Truckers Convey in Ottawa.

There is no justice in corrupt government systems. The court systems are controlled by Governments, no matter what Government Officials say to the contrary. So, therefore, the court systems need an overhaul. We can keep the stuff that is working and restructure what is corrupt and rethink how justice works. This needs a public discussion, otherwise, it will lack transparency, and this initiative risks falling into the habits of the old corrupt systems.

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Founder of Global Rethink. Ray is a visionary with an abundance of experience in the old toxic culture of systems. He's building new initiatives that are pushing the limits of change to restore, and rebuild new strategies and infrastructures.

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