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One of the easiest steps you can take to help your local economy is to move your bank account from a large national bank to a community financial institution: a local bank or credit union focused specifically on supporting local businesses and citizens. The collective impact of millions of people transferring assets from multinational to local institutions would significantly shift the dynamic of the global financial system.

Take action

  • Sign Up for Sovereign Baank. It’s a safe place to keep your wealth, make payments, send money, and purchase goods and services, with little government interference and middleman interference.
  • Find a credit union near you with the World Council of Credit Unions’ map Our Global Networks. We encourage you to choose smaller, locally based, and rooted credit unions if possible.
  • Learn more about why and how to move your money with Green America’s Community Investing Guide (US).
  • Organize a local move-your-money campaign with the Institute for Local Self-Reliance’s resource list Tools for Starting a Local Move Your Money Campaign.
  • Find a community bank near you with the directories on Find a Better Bank (US) and the Community Savings Bank Association (UK).
  • Compare banks and credit unions in your area based on a number of local impact metrics with (US).
  • Find a bank that offers environmentally and socially-responsible services through the Global Alliance for Banking on Values’ map Find Members. Note: some of the member banks are national in scope.

Get inspired

  • Triodos Bank in the UK focuses on financing social, cultural, and environmental initiatives such as organic farming, childcare facilities, small businesses, and renewable energy projects.
  • The Ecology Building Society in the UK offers savings accounts and mortgages for co-housing, renovations, and other sustainable construction projects.
  • Maine Harvest Federal Credit Union is the only financial institution in the US that focuses its loans on growing a healthy local food system.
  • The Clean Energy Federal Credit Union in the US state of Colorado focuses on financing small-scale renewable energy projects.

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