Recording May 11th, Zoom / Next Steps


If you missed last week’s May 11th, Zoom call, here is the recorded video below to watch.

Here are the links to the Presentations shown on the Zoom call:

  1. Sovereign Baank Presentation
  2. United Medical Health presentation
  3. Here is Video one from an expert about Gold Plummeting
  4. Here’s Video two focused on Sell Gold Now

To Invest, move your RRSPs or diversify your investment into Sovereign Baank, please email us at

Go to this link: and become a founding member and shareholder of Sovereign Baank today and diversify your investments.

Make sure you book your spot for our upcoming Zoom call on May 18th, 2023 at 5 pm PST.

Book your spot for May 18th by clicking here.

We are covering on this Zoom call the following:

  1. The Financial Crash is weeks away, not months or years. What you need to know to protect your capital wealth.
  2. How to setup Direct Democracy that will stop:
    • Moving your capital wealth
    • Digital ID/15 Min Cities
    • Sovereign Police
    • CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency)
  3. Solutions for providing health care, private hospitals, local farming, and private schools. What does that look like, and how can you help and get involved?

You don’t want to miss this Zoom call, because time is ticking, and if you want to protect yourself, and also be part of the change, you need to engage and get involved. These Zoom calls are for serious people who want to see an action plan, honesty, and transparency. Book your spot, and we look forward to seeing you this Thursday.

If you have any questions, please email us at

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