Global Rethink social network is over 500k members, and over 9M followers. And we are growing fast.
See below a brief outline of our Groups, and Pages!

Facebook Groups:
Reject: 15min Cities (10k+) –
ViaFashion: (347k+) –
Dead Suddenly: (2k+) –
TrudeauMustGo: (2k+) –
The Woman Life: (5k+) –
Design & Portrait: (5.7k+) –
Safe and Effective: (1k+) –
Stand Up To End Tyranny Worldwide: (6.5k+) –
plus 50+ more groups…

Facebook Pages:
ViaFashion: (5.6M+) –
Asian Fashion: (1.7M+) –
The Woman Life: (1.3M+) –
Inspiring Women: (13.5k+) –
FlickBuzz Trailers: (134k+) –
Stop Violence Against Women: (21k+) –
plus 50+ more pages…