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Global Rethink (GR) is focused on restoring, rethinking, and rebuilding the framework, systems, and fabric of society in local communities. Our reach is global, with a local community-based focus. This private member-based community network has Initiatives, Groups, and local Chapters, that create parallel systems to replace corrupt ones with a strategy, plan of action, and discussions. Most initiatives are based on feedback from the collective member base, and the initiatives are put together by experts in the industry and trade.

Some of the initiatives we are focusing on are:

  1. Health Care: with a focus on mental health, and creating private health centers to help our members.
  2. Education: with a focus on working with existing private schools, or creating an infrastructure of schools with a curriculum that actually helps kids, and teens discover who they are on their own accord, without any heavy agendas of LGTBQ+. Teachers will be renamed as “Guides,” to help kids navigate through the development of their gifts and potential.
  3. Financial Structure: we are in talks with creating our own “Banks” that are out of reach and control of the Government, WEF, and any organization that doesn’t put human rights, and privacy as their fundamental values and principles. This Bank will not entertain Digital ID.
  4. GR POLICE: members around the world need protection from corrupt entities that are working hard to enforce their laws, and once you’re a member of GR, you will be given protection. That protection starts locally in every community. So imagine if you can call the GR Police to help you on any matters regarding your safety, and from authoritarian criminals. If you were gathering at a park with your family and friends, and the corrupt police show up to ask for your Digital ID and threat to arrest you or give you a fine… that’s when you would call the GR Police, which will be on the scene within minutes to be that protection, so that you don’t have to get involved.

    The GR Police will be trained by experts with a long-standing experience in military and tactical knowledge. If the corrupt police don’t leave, they can be arrested and detained under our laws.

    As a human being, from birth, the corrupt system registered you in their system and gave you an ID… and we are showing our members how you can reject that ID and embrace your sovereign, common, and natural law claim. See more info here: https://globalrethink.net/docs/the-victoria-declaration/

    No member of GR needs to follow any corrupt laws or systems or needs to be afraid anymore.

We are growing fast and if you would like to contribute by providing a donation, or investing your time, we need all the help you can provide. If you are viewing this article on your laptop or desktop, look to the right sidebar and you will see “We need Volunteers,” click on that and fill out the form. If you’re viewing this article on mobile, scroll down to see that.

Browse our Help section which has useful information: https://globalrethink.net/docs/

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